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Inspired by the typical clay crafts of the Peruvian coast, this alpaca cardigan with zipper is wide and comfortable, easy to use with a sporty appearance, even with a brown scarf. It’s also easy to combine with any style, be it classic, casual or urban.

100% Alpaca

Handmade in Peru

Dry clean

Alpaca Cardigan with zipper

Important information about the qualities of your alpaca cardigan with zipper. Alpaca fiber is naturally sustainable because alpacas don’t harm the grasslands when they walk or feed. This fiber has thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties, it also has many natural tones and great long-term durability compared to other animal fibers such as cashemere. Peru owns more than 80% of the alpaca population in the world.

Namacu’s clothing care

How to dry wash your alpaca garments

  1. Take your garments to an experienced laundry
  2. Show the label with the washing instructions that each of the Namacu’s brand garments has
  3. Inform to the laundry representative about any stain to treat before the dry cleaning process

How to hand wash your alpaca garments

  1. Mix «cold» water with soap in a deep container and use a mild detergent, stir the mixture until it makes a little foam.
  2. Dip de alpaca garment in the container and lift it up for a few times, gently rub the dirtier areas with the fingertips, finally rinse the alpaca garment until no soap comes out
  3. To remove all water accumulation, spread the alpaca garment on a towel. Roll it inside and squeeze gently so that the towel absorbs the excess of water until the alpaca garment no longer drains it. Finally, spread the garment on a flat surface and let it dry.

The best way to storage Namacu’s clothing

  •  Hanging knitted garments made of alpaca wool is not reccomended
  • To avoid moth damage, take normal moth precautions.
  • Hang your clothes in ventilated areas
  • Don’t store your clothes in plastic bags.

Preventive care for alpaca garments

  • Special care is recommended with light alpaca wool garments which have a loose and delicate appearance, as they may be prone to snagging.
  • Namacu’s products are sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves and capes
  • Namacu’s garments are made with Peruvian camelids fibers
  • Excessive friction of natural animal fibers can generate a natural shedding of the hair.

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