This year we will have great challenges, being in the sustainable luxury fabrics industry is amazing. It is to take your idea to each space, but also to express your identity in each design. Conquer hearts and minds that want to be part of Namacu’s journey, this is what we want.

This is why we have been crazy for some time preparing to enter the best showcase in Peru, which supports the sustainable fashion industry and that you believe WE ACHIEVE IT! It is too exciting to have direct contact with other brands that are on the same path, to learn from them, but above all to meet with buyers and future business partners that can help us achieve our goals.

As is the meaning of Namacu «Born and Blossom» is what we want with great desire and passion. We were born under the concept of Namacu and wish to belong to all our soulmates, those who wish to live the experience of our brand, who wish to be part of our ideology. Grow in a group, as a family. So our first showcase to approach this is called Peru Fashion for years we contemplate this idea and see that it is concrete is inexplicable with words, but WOOOOOW.

If we talk about Peru Fashion, we talk about “an event specially designed to publicize the possibilities offered by the national production of clothing, footwear, accessories and jewelry” as described on the website. A window of the best of Peruvian industry to the world, which is visited annually by buyers, boutiques, brands, design stores etc. From around the earth to realize new commercial alliances and meet hundreds of creative proposals made with artisanal and modern techniques created especially for the three days of the fair, concepts and visions that keep the Andean origin alive.

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