Since we started working with Alpaca fiber in 2016 we have felt very identified with alpaqueros and artisans because they are very vulnerable populations to the country’s economy. We are especially concerned about the situation of alpaqueros because, as we have already mentioned, they live in high areas far away from cities and receive little help in general to improve their quality of life.

Being a small company we have limitations to directly help people living in the heights of our country; but thanks to the coincidences of life we ​​find the Santa Rita Polyclinic which is a non-profit social support organization that is directly responsible for helping the most vulnerable people in the heights of Cusco and Apurimac. With the help of Chiara and Medalith we have managed to identify and communicate very fluently with the work of the polyclinic.

The polyclinic of Santa Rita is an institution that used to be part of the Santa Rita Center, because in search of its objectives it has sought greater autonomy to carry out its activities. The polyclinic was founded in Peru in 2006 thanks to the financing of several Italian foundations, such as the renowned Associazione Apurimac Onlus, the Regional Vicariate of Agustinos in Apurimac and the collaboration of Doctor Maiani.

The Santa Rita Polyclinic works jointly with the Associaziones Apurimac Onlus to carry out health campaigns and attention to critical cases in vulnerable areas of the city of Cusco (Santiago, San Jerónimo, San Sebastián) and in Apurímac, especially in the three high provinces that are Cotabambas, Antabamba and Grau that are considered the poorest and most needy of the Andean highlands.

We are happy and proud to inform you that as of March of this year we will join forces with the Santa Rita polyclinic and will allocate resources from our sales to the institution to assist in the financing of its activities. Additionally, we will actively participate in the development of projects to protect Andean children from the cold that hits the heights of Peru.

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