For many decades Peru has been a producer and exporter of raw materials for the production of all kinds of products. But for some time, a large group of people have been working with the desire to change this reality by transforming this matter into new products full of culture and tradition.

One of these raw materials is alpaca fiber, considered one of the best in the world. It is transformed by high Andean families and their descendants using techniques that have passed from generation to generation. Approximately 165 thousand groups depend exclusively on both the sale of the fiber and the final product. The amount of effort behind each garment is sometimes oriented to the subsistence of life itself.

The magnificent thing about all this is the impulse that all those involved in the Alpaquera community have taken. Among the stories you can see how a family that started collecting and selling the fiber of their alpacas, ended up weaving and selling sweaters with what they have managed to build their houses and pay for their children’s studies. When you see the raw material transformed into bags, hats, sweaters, shoes and capes etc. You can see the story of the days counted in each piece. Some choose letters, songs, movies, memes or gifs to express themselves, we choose each of these woven pieces to tell a story.

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