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Why Alpaca

WHAT IS ALPACA FIBER? A few years ago, when I studied fashion design, one of the most fascinating works was to make a sample table of fibers, taking into account
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Join our Cause!!

Since we started working with Alpaca fiber in 2016 we have felt very identified with alpaqueros and artisans because they are very vulnerable populations to the country’s economy. We are
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Namacu at PeruMODA

This year we will have great challenges, being in the sustainable luxury fabrics industry is amazing. It is to take your idea to each space, but also to express your
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Changing The History

For many decades Peru has been a producer and exporter of raw materials for the production of all kinds of products. But for some time, a large group of people
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Alpaca and the Alpaceros

A deadly winter, by Gina Rodriguez After having worked with the artisans in Cusco and Puno, it is impossible not to be interested in the world of alpaqueros and alpacas.
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