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Luxury garments made with the best natural materials originating in the Andes


“Born and flourish”

Namacu is the concept of dressing with luxury garments made with the best natural materials originating in the Andes. Each garment with a timeless style perfect to accompany each day with a valuable story. Namacu, which means “Born and flourish”, has the mission to generate, nurture, revive and sustain fashion, all through the use of natural fibers. Our approach to “diversity” in fashion focuses on the creation of timeless clothing, rejecting the idea of fast fashion, and giving value to the fibers used as high quality pieces. Our clothing is manufactured in a fair salary environment and is produced in small quantities to ensure minimal waste and to ensure the worker’s ability to associate with other brands, which leads to sustainable employment. Namacu offers timeless fashion for both men and women.

Our story


Hi, I’m Gina Rodriguez, fashion designer and with my husband Rodrigo Paredes we are the founders of Namacu. I was born in Palmira, Colombia and since I was a child I had a natural incline in artistic activities, such as music and painting. My biggest passion though was fashion design and in 2010 I graduated as a designer in Cali, Colombia! I met Rodrigo as a dental surgeon in 2009 and together in 2010 we created our first clothing brand in Peru. Despite our efforts in fashion design at the time, we both felt that we could be contributing more. Over time we have gone through various styles in the development of my collections and although we always wanted to work with natural fiber fabrics we saw this idea as something very far from happening. In 2015 we suspended all our activities and decided to re-evaluate our ideas and objectives. In 2016, and since at that time we lived in Lima and Cusco, we started interacting with artisans that specialized in alpaca clothes. We discovered many things about their lives and really connected with them. We were inspired by their struggles due to the lack resources and opportunities. Since then, we have surrounded ourselves with a talented group of artisans in our effort to grow our Namacu brand and bring more awareness to the value not only of the Peruvian alpaca fiber, but also to the Peruvian traditional weaving techniques. In 2018, I won my first fashion design contest in Peru and since then my husband and I decided to launch our brand in the international market and to showcase the fusion of modern design with traditional weaving techniques. We continue to invest in fair trade practices as well as to help and to train people that work with us for a brighter future together.

Dinos and Staci are the representatives of Namacu in the United states. Dinos (Rodrigo’s cousin) was born in Greece and studied in the UK. Following a career in technology consulting, he decided to venture out in a series of entrepreneurial projects centered around technology and marketing. Staci, born in Michigan and having lived and worked in Chicago in the corporate consulting world, decided to focus on her passion for entrepreneurship. Together they have traveled around the world, lived in London, Brussels, and Greece. They now are living in Boca Raton, Florida with their daughter Lidia.

Our story


Our story


When you buy a Namacu product you help us to continue to work with small families of artisans producing garments with alpaca. Our clothing is developed using artisanal techniques and the preparation of each of them takes between two to four days. You will be taking home a product that takes a lot of work and made with love. Edith and Oscar are a family from Abancay, one hour from Cusco. They specialize in the artisan technique of Intarsia where each design of the garments is made with great detail by hand.
They are a family that live in the city of Cusco and specialize in the technical card machines that they have inherited from their ancestors. The development of the garments have been done by creating small details that highlight their great work.

Our story


Our Story

Andean ORigins

Namacu is the result of the collaboration of our multinational family, combining our individual business ethics as well as our award winning designer. Weaving traditions and modernity, simplicity and elegance, Namacu was inspired by the timeless versatility of Alpaca, the iconic Peruvian fiber. Originating in the Andes, the alpaca wool is one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world. Considered in the same high level quality as silk and cashmere wool, alpaca fiber is a breathable, hypoallergenic, and sustainable fiber and is harvested by the Andean alpaca breeders, known as Alpaceros.

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